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Are Low Self-Confidence and Relationship Woes Bringing You Down?

Are you in a relationship, but feel disconnected from your partner, just out of arm’s reach? Maybe you thought you found the love of your life, but over time, specific problematic patterns have surfaced that keep you and your partner in a whirlwind of arguing and feeling unwanted, misunderstood and unable to depend on or trust one another.

Do you find it difficult – or even impossible – to establish long-lasting, healthy relationships? Perhaps it seems as though you’ve been through a revolving door of one romantic relationship after another, and you feel hopeless, exhausted and brokenhearted, wondering what’s wrong with fearing all the good partners have been taken.

Are you struggling with low self-esteem, lack of confidence, incessant worry, anxiety, depression or dissatisfaction with what you have accomplished and where your life is headed?

Do you fall into a typical Blame Game when you or your partner are upset? Maybe your partner has begun to ignore, criticize and judge you. Do you feel like no matter what you do, it’s just not good enough for your partner?

Are you and your partner parents? Have parenthood stressors sucked up your energy and weakened your couple bond, leaving the two of you, over time, feeling more like roommates rather than lovers?

Do you wish you could feel confident in your love for someone who you deeply trust loves you back?

Do you wish you could believe that you – just as you are – are enough for the things you want in your life or the relationship you desire?


Do you wish you could feel confident in your love for someone who you deeply trust loves you back?

Do you wish you could believe that you – just as you are – are enough for the things you want in your life or the relationship you desire?

You Can Have The Life You Desire With Satisfying And Long-Lasting Relationships

There is a science to how relationships work, including evidence pointing to key factors that make relationships satisfying and long-lasting. As your therapist, I can share this science with you. Together, we can identify the negative pattern that leaves you feeling defeated and hopeless, and highlight how to use your strengths and reliable techniques toward your desired life and relationship. Whether you are interested in:

  • strengthening your confidence and self-worth
  • looking for your ideal partner
  • preparing to get married
  • maintaining a long-term satisfying relationship
  • or juggling the balance between romance and parenthood can develop a more solid sense of self, and have a more loving and more trusting way of communicating and experiencing connection with your partner that will help you create the relationship you want long-term.

You have already been living a life full of accomplishments, and I believe you have the capability to have everything you desire in your future.

In individual therapy sessions, I will work with you to establish a positive self-image, springing the inner self-confidence you need to accomplish the things you once thought were out of reach. I can help you experience satisfaction in your individual life and also in your romantic relationship.

In couples therapy, I will work to strengthen the bond between you and your partner, so you can both feel unshakeable trust and emotional security in your relationship, along with a romantic connection that stays solid through every conversation and circumstance.


Fortifying Your Relationships
– Including the One You Have With Yourself –

By taking the first step and seeking counseling, you have already given yourself a great gift. There is hope for healing and happiness. My empirically supported therapeutic techniques can inspire and motivate you to get moving toward authentic, full satisfaction and a lasting, healthy relationship with yourself and others.

I am passionate about creating change in my clients’ lives, and I believe you can achieve your highest goals. I am here to offer you the support, acceptance and strategies you need to break free of negative patterns and move forward with greater ease and confidence in your individual life and relationships.

Are You Ready To Take Your Life and Love To The Next Level?

My therapy sessions can provide you the tools needed to create an enhanced sense of empowerment and also maintain a fortified bond with your partner that can lead to a long-lasting and satisfying relationship. If you are ready to start feeling good enough now, and spark or rekindle your relationship’s flame, I invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have about relationship counseling or counseling for women, and what I can offer you for your future.

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