Relationship Counseling for One

Do You Struggle With Starting And Maintaining Romantic Relationships?

Has a string of dissatisfying or short-lived relationships left you feeling disheartened and worried that you will end up alone? Do you find yourself settling for or choosing the wrong partners? Do you wonder whether your relationship troubles are due to the type of people you attract?

Perhaps you are often the initiator when you begin a new relationship, but it seems as though the people you fall in love with never feel the same, even after months or years together. Maybe your confidence has begun to dwindle, and you fear that you are doomed to continue making relationship mistakes.

Or, it might be that you’ve always believed that The One is beyond your grasp. Do you wonder if you will ever get married?

Are you ready to gain the courage to find love and maintain a satisfying, long-term relationship?

Relationships can be extremely stressful, especially if you notice that things always seem to go wrong in the same ways over and over again. You may often wish that certain people would take more interest in you, only to find that when they do, they can’t offer you what you need.

Alternately, you may lack the self-confidence to pursue your ideal partner – or doubt s/he exists at all. Even if you have started to date a great person, you might be frightened that it could end at any time, especially if you struggle with distressing memories from previous relationships.

Sometimes, you may consciously or unconsciously sabotage relationships, perhaps because you don’t want to be “the bad guy” who initiates the break-up, or because you don’t trust in a good thing and fear your partner will eventually leave you. Maybe you worry the future will not end up how you hope.

If You Are a Woman Struggling To Find The Ideal Partner, You Are Not Alone

Most people don’t know what they want in a romantic partner. If we don’t know what we want, how will we know when we find it? When it comes to searching for our desired partner, sometimes we listen to others more than ourselves.

With all the dating and relationship advice at our fingertips in our technological savvy world, it’s not that surprising that we may become confused as to who we should be dating and how our relationships should look. Let’s face it, as much as we all want to be loved, searching for that desired partner is exhausting and taxing on the heart.

We can get discouraged to put ourselves out there time and time again, or we may just be so lonely that being with someone – anyone decent – will do, even if we settle for something less than we desire or deserve.

I’m willing to bet that half of us don’t have good examples from our caregivers about what a good, healthy relationship looks like. We all unknowingly repeat the patterns we learned from our families. Also, under the radar of our awareness, we could be playing out a negative belief about ourselves. For instance, if you believe you are not good enough, you are very likely to attract or choose a partner who treats you as such.

But, the deepest, most important piece of the struggle to find a good partner is the assumption that relationships are about common interests and communication skills. While most of the dating help out there insists that all we need to do is find someone that we get along with, there is another key component to long-lasting and satisfying relationships: an emotional connection.

What makes a relationship last is a secure emotional bond, emotional safety and trust that your partner loves you, wants you, cares for you unconditionally and will be there for you in any circumstance, without criticizing you, judging you or dismissing your feelings.

With all the stuff in the way of finding a good partner, many women find themselves, going from one bad relationship to another, never really finding that partner who they can imagine spending the rest of their lives with. But, even though relationship troubles are common, they do not have to be a side effect of life.

With relationship help, you can find answers to the toughest relationship questions, unleash your courage and develop helpful techniques to form and maintain healthy romantic relationships.

Relationship Counseling Can Help You Find And Stay With Someone Who Deserves Your Love

With my compassionate guidance and support, you can recognize what you want, feel empowered to take the first steps toward finding The One and better understand what it takes to maintain a strong relationship.

In motivating and empowering sessions, we’ll focus on fostering your courage to attract and seek out a good match, and you will have the opportunity to tell the stories of your previous relationships and dating behavior, without fear of judgment.

You and I will work together to pick out limiting beliefs and relationship themes and patterns to discover what is blocking you from having your ideal relationship. Perhaps you have an emotional block or a past trauma that is obstructing you from finding the ideal partner. If so, we will deconstruct this block and work toward healing while you learn strategies on what makes relationships last and develop the tools you need to create the relationship you long for.

Together, we can find solutions to your relationship issues through setting goals and harnessing your strengths. It is possible for you to feel confident about who you are, what you want in a relationship and how you will maintain your desired relationship. We will apply your fortified confidence to create positive change in the relationships you choose to develop.

Honestly, at one time, I struggled through the dating world as well. I was the “needy,” “clingy” type. I sabotaged relationships and went from one guy to another, looking for acceptance and searching for my confidence through the men I dated. I struggled in my own relationships for years until I went through therapy.

I took a good deep look into my fears and the things that were holding me back from having the relationship I envied and hoped for, and I came out on the other end. My personal struggle, my own therapy and my education and training have allowed me to share with you the exact tools needed to unearth obstructive patterns and tackle your relationship troubles.

Now, I am happily married and passionate about helping individuals through similar relationship issues. I have succeeded in finding my preferred partner, and with dedication and a willingness to investigate what is holding you back, you can too!

You deserve a solid and satisfying relationship with a great partner whom you love – a partner who also deserves your love. Relationship counseling is a step toward finding that special someone.

You may think you need help finding your desired partner, but still have questions and concerns about relationship counseling…

I think I can fix my relationship issues on my own through self-help books and other independent resources.

If you have not made any progress in finding your ideal partner yet, books and other resources are probably not enough. It is possible that something is blocking you from finding a good match. Even though books can be helpful in some cases, it is rare that they will be completely tailored to your specific experience. In counseling, I will take into account all of your specific life variables to find the best solution.

Our sessions will be an empowering experience. By putting in the effort and harnessing your courage, you can see powerful results.

My ideal partner doesn’t exist.

It is common to sometimes feel hopeless when the dating world has been repeatedly fruitless. However, it is likely that you are dating the wrong partners, and the partners who are a good match for you have yet to be discovered.

In sessions, we will analyze your dating patterns and help you aim for, attract, seek and hang on to someone you can truly build a life with. I assure you, a fulfilling relationship is not beyond your reach. Working together, we can get you one step closer to finding your preferred match.

I don’t think I have the money or the time for relationship counseling.

You probably splurge every once and a while to purchase things you feel you deserve. Why should relationship therapy be any different? You deserve to find and hold on to the partner who’s right for you. Connection is something we humans all constantly seek and need. As a skilled, trained and empathic therapist, I can help you find the lasting love and connection you long for.

In addition, the benefits of counseling do not necessarily stop when you have found your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Investing in finding your inner courage, confidence and true self-worth will, without a doubt, spill over and benefit other aspects of your life as well. Maybe you deserve a better job or desire better family relationships. Our sessions can empower you to create positive change throughout your entire life.

You Can Find Your Ideal Match

If you are tired of dating the wrong people and ready to put in the effort to find and maintain a healthy relationship, I invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to ask any questions about relationship counseling and my practice.


Finally Find The One

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