Empowerment Counseling For Women

Do You Feel Like You Are Not Enough?

No matter what you achieve, do you think you could have done better? Are you questioning your ability to create a fulfilling future? Perhaps you feel as though happiness and success are beyond your reach, and you don’t have what it takes to find the right partner, the right job, the right body or the right anything.

It may seem as though you are constantly barraged by internal and external messages that you are inadequate, which deepens your feelings of disappointment, low self-esteem and hopelessness. Maybe, in your effort to meet others’ expectations, you have stopped trusting your instincts and lost sight of what you want for yourself.

Are you feeling stuck where you are, but afraid you’ll meet failure, criticism and rejection if you try something else? Do you wish you could figure out who you are when you’re not trying to please your parents, potential partners, bosses or friends, and live as your most authentic self?

Regardless of where you are in your life, navigating the world as a woman can be a confusing, exhausting and lonely experience. The pressure to meet so many contradictory demands and achieve perfection might be leaving you feeling drained and defeated.

It may be that you wake up in the morning without any excitement about the day lying ahead. Maybe you’re going through the motions, but sense that something isn’t right and feel plagued by stress, sadness, anger or frustration.

You might fear that something will go wrong and it will be your fault, which means you’ll lose something important to you, such as your job, your relationship or others’ respect. Alternately, you may feel utterly worthless and want to hide from not only the world, but also your own painful thoughts and emotions. Perhaps, after years trapped in a cycle of self-criticism and self-doubt, you’re tired of missing out on life.

If You Struggle With Low Self-Confidence, You Are Not Alone

Most, if not all, women battle with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity at some points in their lives. It can seem as though no matter where we look – from our family members and friends to advertising and the media – we receive messages saying we must do more, have more and be more to find love and acceptance.

And, the messages are always changing. It is impossible to keep up and meet everyone else’s standards of how a woman should act, look and exist in today’s world. Many women feel pressured to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife and the perfect professional all at once.

Or, while one voice tells us to fit conventional definitions of attractiveness, the other says caring about our appearance is vain and frivolous. We should be smart and ambitious, but not intimidating or too outspoken. It can all feel like an impossible trap.

In order to live with self-assurance, many women have to write their own rules. But, if you suffered from bullying, unhealthy relationships, humiliation or ridicule throughout your life, or if you feel like you can’t trust your beliefs and perceptions, writing your own rules can feel impossible.

Thankfully, with a compassionate guide who specializes in anxiety, depression and therapy for women, you can get in touch with who you really are, believe in yourself and create a more fulfilling, empowered life.

Counseling for Women Can Help You Cultivate Greater Happiness and Satisfaction

It is possible to feel better about yourself and develop the resiliency and confidence needed to pursue your life’s ambitions. Through self-esteem counseling and empowerment counseling, you can stop feeling stuck and start trusting that what you want is okay, even if it’s different from what society, your loved ones or your peers think is best for you.

Together, you and I can investigate what you’re feeling, where you want to be in life and how you can get there.

In counseling for women sessions, I will help you identify your strengths and skills, as well as discover what makes you truly happy and secure. We will also explore the problem areas in your life; calculate your personal, professional or romantic goals; and create a realistic plan to nurture a confident, secure and worthy you.

If you end up getting stuck with your goals, we will process the things that hold you back from creating your happy life now. You don’t have to keep putting yourself last in an attempt to please everyone. Making everyone happy is impossible, but nurturing your inner happiness is not.

I am an honest, understanding and empathetic therapist who will never judge you for anything you share. In sessions, you can feel truly and completely accepted for exactly who you are right now.

No matter how many times you want to work through a challenge, I will be patient and supportive, and I will never tell you you’ve done the wrong thing. The world does enough of that already. I believe that when you’re ready to make changes or take steps to get where you want to go, you will do so.

You’ve already developed your own strategies to navigate and survive the world thus far. During self-esteem counseling, I can help you recognize those strategies and apply them to your goals while providing trusted tools and techniques that will give you extra support toward a life in which you feel valued, worthy, confident and secure.

There were times in my own life when I believed I was not enough, and I struggled for many, many years, not feeling confident in myself.  I thought that if I could be thinner, dress more fashionably, date the perfect guy, achieve stellar grades or always do the right thing, then somehow I would feel happy with myself and where my life was headed.

However, no matter what I did to try living a life that proved I was good enough, smart enough or pretty enough on the outside, I always felt empty and insecure on the inside. From both my personal and professional experience, I know that you don’t have to spend your life feeling inadequate.

I’m a human being, and I still sometimes feel doubt, but I practice daily techniques that help increase my self-esteem and self-compassion, and I can share these with you. You are good enough, and I can help you actually believe it. You, too, can get through life’s difficult moments with more self-compassion and acceptance. You can grow to truly love, trust and appreciate yourself.

You may believe that therapy for women can help you develop self-confidence, but still have questions or concerns…

If counseling for women will help me reach my goals, does this mean I will find that perfect partner or achieve my ideal career?

I do want to help you obtain your goals, and that includes achieving the things you want in life,  such as learning how to identify what kind of romantic partner will be best fit for you, or how to have a satisfying career where your skills are best used.

Does this mean your hottest celebrity crush will become your mate? Probably not. Will a company finally hire you for that top executive position? It may not work out for reasons that are out of your control.

Empowerment counseling is more about reaching internal success and achieving the personal, professional or relationship goals that are within your reach, which is far beyond what you currently think you’re capable of. As you develop self-esteem and trust in your innate skills, you can feel more empowered, capable and confident to pursue what you want.

My problems aren’t that bad. I don’t need therapy.

If you are struggling, but worry that your issues aren’t real compared to those of others, I encourage you to question that thought.

Is your inner critic telling you that you don’t deserve therapy?

So many women deny themselves care because they feel their problems aren’t valid. You, your experience and your emotions are valid. You deserve support.

I don’t have time for therapy.

I understand life gets hectic, which is why I offer weekend and evening hours to fit your busy schedule. If you feel as though you are always on the go, I invite you to consider why your schedule is packed with obligations and responsibilities. If you’re running yourself ragged in an attempt to do it all and be it all, you’ll likely benefit from making time to investigate what needs you’re trying to fulfill.

You live with yourself every day. Why not take the time to make that relationship better?

You Can Trust in Yourself

If you’re tired of trying to follow everyone else’s rules, and done feeling like you don’t quite measure up, I invite you to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation where can discuss any questions you may have about counseling for women.


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