Couples Therapy for Parents

Has Becoming A Parent Put A Strain On Your Relationship?

Has parenthood caused you and your partner to become more distant, almost like roommates rather than lovers? Do you feel like your relationship has lost all intimacy and romance now that you have a young child?

Maybe you have a baby on the way and your relationship is already showing signs of disconnection and stress. Or, perhaps you have a toddler and the chaos in your household has taken a toll on your relationship.

It’s possible that you and your partner have avoided counseling and now that your child is entering elementary or middle school, you wonder if you can rekindle your relationship with your partner.

Are you ready to nurture your relationship in order to reconnect with your partner and improve your child’s well-being in the process?

Children undoubtedly consume a lot of time and energy. You may spend so much time on your baby or child that your relationship is the last thing on your mind. Or, maybe you feel rejected and disconnected from your partner because your child consumes so much of his or her time.

If this level of disconnection goes unchecked, it may continue to grow and not only negatively affect your relationship, but also have a big impact of the development of your child. You may be searching for a way to reconnect as a couple, restore intimacy and work as a team in the best interest of your child.

Losing Closeness With Your Partner After Having A Child Is Extremely Common

It’s not uncommon for new parents to neglect their relationship. The stress of having a new baby in the home consumes an immense amount of time and energy.

However, if you adjust to your new parental roles but continue to drift apart from your partner, negative patterns and intimacy problems often develop. After your second or third child, you and your partner may be a well-oiled parental machine.

But, as the two of you continue to bring new members into the family, your romance and friendship has lost its flavor and spice, and now feels painfully predictable. Maybe you and your partner have been struggling to balance the pressures of a larger family for a while now, and this has put a serious strain on your romantic relationship.

With all the normal daily demands of child rearing, it can be easy to slip away from your partner romantically and get comfortable in Mommy and Daddy roles. All of a sudden, you and your partner realize it’s been days, weeks or even months since the two of you have had any sexual or physical intimacy or time alone.

You’ve probably noticed how your conversations as a couple have shifted from intimate and vulnerable dialogue about your desires or dreams to discussions about your kid’s behavior or upcoming schedule of doctor visits and school activities.

It is possible the two of you have started to actually refer to one another as “Mommy” and “Daddy” on a regular basis, even when the kids aren’t around, psychologically reinforcing a non-romantic relationship.

You may be wondering, “What happened to us? How did our relationship become so dull and routine? Is this normal, and can we regain our romance even as parents with a busy family?” Regardless of your specific situation, with the help of a skilled therapist who specializes in restoring intimacy, you can rekindle romance in your relationship, and raise a happier, healthy family built on a deeper connection.

Through Couples Therapy For Parents, You Can Deepen Your Connection While Showing Your Child What A Prosperous Relationship Looks Like

Through collaborative, open and honest couples counseling for parents sessions, you, your partner and I will open up a dialogue on the intimacy problems and emotional pain you may be experiencing now that your child has become your top priority and your relationship has taken the back burner.

By focusing on the issues that are pulling you away from each other, how each of you respond to these separating issues and what you desperately desire from one another, we will build healing, trust and a positive pattern of connecting.

My solutions-oriented, strengths-based and emotionally focused techniques can give you and your partner the tools and insights needed to reconnect and begin working together as a connected romantic team.

Together, we will work on the problematic patterns that have been keeping you and your partner from intimately connecting and ultimately squeezing your relationship dry of passion and excitement. We will also develop strategies to help you meet each other’s needs, and I will teach you communication skills that reach beyond the typical parental conversations you’ve been having.

In a safe, accepting space, you and your partner will have the opportunity to talk about how parenthood has changed your lives and share the things you miss. Once we identify the problematic pattern that has been robbing your relationship of its wildest romance, we can work toward a solution that will rekindle romance and closeness in your relationship.

Reconnecting with your partner not only benefits you as a couple, but also allows you to set a positive example for your child. Through witnessing the love you display with your significant other, your child builds a foundation for his or her emotional intelligence, sense of self, trust for his or her world and a healthy concept of a relationship.

Conversely, displaying negativity or avoiding problematic issues can damage your child’s image of trust and emotional vulnerability in a relationship, which can likely have long-term negative effects in their adult relationships.

I see myself as a successful statistic. As a wife and mother of a toddler, I have used similar strategies and tools to help achieve and maintain balance and harmony within my own romantic relationship and family. Through my positive personal and professional experience as a couple and family therapist, I have developed a passion for helping couples connect and rekindle their intimacy while balancing the Mommy and Daddy roles.

With couples therapy for parents, it is possible for you to revitalize your relationship with your partner and provide your child with a more comfortable, happy home. With the help of a compassionate, experienced couple and family therapist, you and your partner can build a stronger bond with one another, raise a healthy family and help your child learn what a loving relationship looks like.

Parenthood has caused our relationship to crumble and I think we need help, but I still have a few questions and concerns…

We have a small child and don’t really have the time for counseling.

I understand the busy schedule of being a parent. When you can’t find childcare, I am happy to allow infants and children under two years old to accompany you and your partner in therapy sessions; however, our conversations will have to be free of intimate details and aggressive arguing.

More can be accomplished in the therapy room, which will lead to quicker results, if the child is with a trusted caregiver during our sessions. In addition, I have a therapy room where older children and other trusted family members can play while you, your partner and I are engaged in session.


Our baby is our main priority right now. I’m not sure that either of us have the mental or emotional energy to expend on therapy.

Holding your romantic relationship to the same high standards you have for raising your child not only improves the lives of you and your partner, but also helps you become better parents.

Ignoring your shared intimacy problems often results in negative patterns, causing your relationship to spiral out of control, your parenting to suffer and your child to experience more emotional distress, which can result in more negative behaviors later on. By committing to couples therapy, you can model what a positive relationship looks like for your child, strengthen your parenting skills and positively impact your child’s long-term well-being.

As new parents, we are a little lost. How can couples therapy for parents help us improve our overall family well-being?

Therapy can help guide you into your new roles as parents without losing your romantic relationship. The work we do together in session will solidify your romantic couple bond.

You and your partner can feel happier and more satisfied, which in turn will create more positive behavior in your parenting roles, and will ultimately create a happier and healthier living environment for your child. Happy, romantically connected parents influence a happy child, and create a happy home.

You and Your Partner Can Dull-Proof Your Relationship and Revive Your Romance

If you and your partner want to protect or revive your couplehood from the draining demands of parenthood, I invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have about ways to rekindle a relationship and my practice.


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