Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Do You Feel Exhausted, Spinning or Stuck?

Do you often think about the same thing over and over again, unable to shake the belief that you’ve failed in some way, and now bad things will happen? Are you frequently anticipating how things might fall apart tomorrow, next week or even in the next decade, making it difficult to relax, engage in the present or get a full night’s rest?

Perhaps you feel plagued by intrusive negative thoughts about your job, relationships or future. You might believe you simply aren’t strong or good enough to handle life’s challenges, and sooner or later, everyone around you will realize it.

It may be that you’ve experienced distressing physical symptoms, such as sudden sweating, racing heart, difficulty breathing or even a sensation that you are dying, and you’ve begun to wonder if something is really wrong with you.

Do you worry that you’ll have a panic attack in public and avoid places, people or experiences that make you feel nervous and uncomfortable? Maybe you feel irritable, isolated and down on yourself more and more often.

Perhaps you’ve struggled with the symptoms of anxiety in the past, but now you feel drained, stalled and unmotivated. Do things that you once cared about now seem meaningless and impossible? Have you begun neglecting responsibilities, relationships and self-care?

It may be that you noticed a decline in mood after a loss of something important to you or perhaps you don’t know why you feel so overwhelmed and weighed down by sadness and self-doubt. Maybe you’ve begun to wonder if your loved ones—or even the world—would be better off without you. Do you feel completely alone, even—or especially—when friends and family members are around you to offer you encouragement and support?

Perhaps you’ve experienced all of these emotions, sensations and thoughts at different points in your life, and you feel stuck in a painful cycle of worry and hopelessness. Do you wish you could develop confidence, let go of negative self-talk and move forward as your most empowered, authentic self?

If You Are Suffering From the Symptoms of Anxiety or Depression, You Are Not Alone

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues affecting Americans, and it is normal to feel sorrow, nervousness and/or uncertainty. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t experienced anxiety or depression to some degree at some point in his or her life.

Grieving a loss—whether of a loved one, a relationship or a job—or feeling as though your life has taken a different course than you expected or hoped for, can lead to decreased self-esteem, self-criticism or a sense of meaninglessness.

Even if you think everything in your life is fine and that you should feel content and fulfilled, you’re still a human being with complex emotions, and it’s okay to sometimes feel stuck, worried and unhappy.

However, at times, negative thoughts and emotions can feel like too much to handle. When anxiety is persistent, it can make you feel paralyzed and unable to navigate the world. These demobilizing feelings contribute to low self-worth and hopelessness, which can develop into depression.

Over the long-term, anxiety and depression can have significant harmful effects on your mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you feel unable to believe in yourself, pursue your goals or fulfill daily responsibilities, you don’t need to suffer in silence or get through it on your own.

With the guidance and support of an experienced, compassionate therapist, you can find help for depression and anxiety, believe in your worth and foster confidence, joy and self-acceptance.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment Can Help You Feel Alive and Whole

You already have so many tools and strengths that you’ve used to cope with life’s challenges and arrive where you are today. No matter how you’re feeling now, I believe in your ability to rediscover and harness those strengths to get where you want to go.

Throughout the therapy process, I will be on your side, helping you investigate your experience and bringing your awareness to your innate skills as you develop new, effective strategies to recognize and challenge negative thinking. You can feel better equipped to manage difficult moments, trust in your instincts and pursue a fulfilling life.

Anxiety is an intense reaction to something stressful or worrisome, but sometimes unexpectedly, and for no apparent reason, you may feel flooded by fear, worries or distressing physical symptoms that stop you in your tracks.

Even if you are only thinking about something bad that might happen in the future or are triggered by something in your past, your mind, body and emotions react as though disaster is happening right now. It can become difficult to see anything positive about yourself when your entire being is screaming that something is wrong. Self-criticism so often stems from negative stories made up during moments of anxiety.

As we work together in anxiety treatment sessions, we can identify your triggers, unpack your fears and discover ways to slow your thoughts and restore calm when things feel overwhelming. You can begin to shift into a more positive way of thinking about your worth and your capability that includes your unique skills, talents and successes.

If you feel as though you have collapsed after trying to keep up with your racing thoughts and feel beyond overwhelmed with your anxiety symptoms, I offer depression treatment as a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly.

As a team, we can get to the root of your suffering and create pathways toward relief and healing. I can help you embrace your experience and stop judging yourself for being human.

As we clear away the fog of depression and you being to care about things again, you might find that anxious thoughts and feelings emerge. I will continue to work with you until you feel empowered to move forward with greater ease, resiliency and self-compassion. You can live a full, engaged life, feeling good and hopeful about what lies ahead and what you have accomplished thus far.

No matter what you’re going through, I will meet you with acceptance and patience. I will never push you to do anything you’re not ready for, tell you that you’re doing something wrong or insist that you’re not moving fast enough. You get that enough already.

Instead, I will listen to you while providing the support and tools you need to get where you want to go, when you’re ready to go there. I believe in your ability to create the life you long for. I’ve struggled with depression in the past, and practice techniques to this day to manage my anxiety symptoms, and I know both personally and professionally that relief is possible. You can feel better, and it’s okay to reach out for help. You are worth it.

You may believe that anxiety treatment and depression treatment can help you stop feeling stuck, but still have questions or concerns…

I just can’t do it. I don’t have the will to come.

Depression can make it feel like everything is impossible and out of reach. I’ve been there. If you have come to this page and read through to these words, you’ve already done something important for yourself. And, you’ve demonstrated that you do care about yourself, you are curious to know what’s going on with you and you want something more.

I know that you are important, and you deserve to experience life without the pain or numbness you feel right now. We can work together, at your pace, to help you engage with life and discover hope for the future.


I should be able to handle this on my own.

Many people feel they have to pretend to have it all together. Many people often think that it’s weak or wrong to express their feelings or to have feelings at all. You are human, and sometimes, everyone experiences emotions that they don’t quite understand or know how to handle.

It’s okay to seek support, especially the support of a trained therapist who can understand what you are going through and help you create a plan of action toward feeling better and solving some things that may be a problem in your life. You don’t have to prolong your suffering or hide anymore. That’s what I’m here for – to help support you during a tough moment in time.

I don’t have the time or money for anxiety and depression treatment.

Therapy is an investment in your long-term well-being, and you are worth that investment. While anxiety and depression treatment may take time, I invite you to consider how much time you are dedicating to worry and self-criticism, as well as how much strain you are putting on your physical health.

I also offer a competitive fee of $85 for 50-minute sessions. Therapy can help you develop the peace and confidence you need to live your life how you truly desire, and that’s an investment you can feel good about.

Change Is Possible

You can free yourself from the cycle of worry, self-doubt and sadness. I invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation. We can discuss any questions you have about anxiety and depression treatment or Empowerment Counseling for Women and my practice.


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